Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Losers Review

The Losers are a special opts team working for the US government until they are betrayed by the mysterious Max. Now they are out to get back their lives and take their revenge on Max. That is the set up for The Losers film, loosely based off the events of the comic series it is an adaptation of. While the plot is rather cliche and paper thin, it is the Losers themselves that are the glue holding the movie together. Every moment the Losers are on screen their chemistry together shines, but the moment Max takes up screen time is when things start to fall apart. Max and his scheme that makes no sense is one of the things that just doesn't work in the movie's favor. The second failing of the film would be the PG-13 brand, while I understand they are hoping to reach a larger audience with the rating the source material calls for something with more punch. Gun fights look as though they are unfinished, waiting to have digital blood and gore added in the editing room. I can only assume that was the director's original intent until the production company squahed them with a PG-13. Perhaps we will see an uncut dvd release with all the intended violence. Though even with said addition a few of the biggest action scenes were obviously held back by the film's budget, and could have used a bit of Michael Bay Big Budget Movie Magic to spice them up a bit. Aside from those few misteps I enjoyed watching The Losers, at least when it was focused upon the team itself. Overall I give The Losers a passing grade of a B.

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