Sunday, May 16, 2010

NES #10: Magmax

This game along with a few others on the list stems from the majority of time I spent playing NES games with my Dad. Magmax is one those games I was never very good at as a kid, but would instead sit and watch my Dad try and beat the next level. I enjoyed watching him play almost more than playing it myself, plus I was able to learn where the enemies and power ups were located from watching.

Even though I wasn't the greatest at the game I couldn't resist it as a child. I mean look at the box art, it's a giant robot warrior fighting a three headed robot dragon. The robot also appears to be firing a beam from its crotch which destroys one of the dragon heads. What more could a kid ask for? Who cares if the actual game might not have represented such a confrontation in the same epic manner of the cover. As a side note, for the longest time I always called the game Mad Max, having mistaken the G with a lightning bolt through it for a D. This only raised further questions as a child when I began to ask myself why Mel Gibson wasn't in the game.

It was a basic side scrolling style shooter but instead of being in space you were on land. You start out as sort of a hovering tank like vehicle, but after finding upgrades through the game would take on a more human shape. A shape that was supposed to represent the robot from the cover, but sadly does not share the same awesomeness.

As for the story .... well I couldn't tell you a single thing about it. That was the problem with NES games, most of their plot lines were written on the back of the box or in the instructions. When you're a kid who has time to read? It has robots and robot dragons, nuff said, now lets play!

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