Sunday, May 16, 2010

NES #8: Abadox

Abadox: The Deadly Inner War is one of many space shooters on the NES, but Abadox sets itself apart from the others by sending the player inside the body of a giant alien and fighting its organs. The stages and enemies were all rather disturbing looking even for NES pixels. Even the box art was a bit graphic with the title appearing to be dripping with blood. If Abadox was remade today it would be slapped with an M rating for sure.

The game play was your standard side scrolling space shooter, but with the player controlling a little man in space armor rather than a ship. As always you collect power ups for your gun, giving it different forms of attacking. A few stages would switch out the side scrolling for downward scrolling segments.

Abadox is another game I spent sitting on the living room floor watching my Dad play, but I was able to get pretty far in this one. I'll still always remember one of the early bosses being a grotesque face with eyeballs dangling from their sockets as they swirled around firing shots at you. Good times.

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